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19 May 2021, laatste update 19 May 2021

The tastiest plums are eaten for three months of the year

EAT ME plums

Plums are one of the tastiest stone fruits out there. Ready-to-eat plums are available for only a few months a year: in February, March and April. Perhaps that's why we look forward to this time every year, because plums are a real seasonal delicacy. The skin hides lovely soft yellow flesh, with a pleasant sweet and sour taste.

Ready-to-eat EAT ME plums are imported from South Africa. Plum cultivation can be traced back 4000 years, making it one of the oldest crops ever cultivated by man. Who knows, our ancestors may have been aware of the healthy properties of plums! Because as small as the plum is, the fruits are very good for you.

Plums are healthy

If you eat a handful of plums, you will get plenty of antioxidants. Scientists have actually devoted a study to these. And plums emerged top of the list in that study. Many other surprising conclusions were revealed in this study. Apparently, plums have a beneficial effect on many processes in the human body.

Fibre in plums

Plums are maybe best known for their assistance in case of constipation: they are full of fibre. No matter how delicious the ready-to-eat EAT ME plums are: please enjoy them in moderation. If you eat more than three plums a day (and yes, the temptation is understandable!), the balance may tip the other way.

When are plums ripe?

A question we often hear about fruits of exotic origin: is it ready to eat, or should I leave the fruit to ripen for a while in the fruit bowl? Just look out for the striking purple EAT ME label in the shop. It tells you that fruits are ready to eat. And if required – remember the maximum number per day – those delicious plums will last a few days longer in the fridge.

Availability of plums

Wouldn't it be nice if we could enjoy these every day of the year? Mother Nature is strict, however. The growing season for the South African EAT ME plums is 'only' three months. That does leave nine months of the year to think about all the things you'd like to use them for! Plums are great for snacking, but also to use in exciting recipes. To find out more, visit our product page.

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