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Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable? At last - the definitive answer!

Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable? | EAT ME

Fruit or vegetable? An EAT ME avocado is technically a fruit but it is eaten and used as a vegetable. So you can include it in your daily portion of 250 grams of vegetables.

We all agree that the avocado is tasty, healthy and versatile. And that explains its sky-rocketing popularity in European cuisine. Lovers of culinary dishes praise its soft, creamy flesh. But there's one thing we never seem to agree on: is the avocado a vegetable or is it fruit?

Officially an avocado is classed as a fruit. But that is only half the answer. Botanically, avocados are defined as being fruit, but they are generally used in kitchen as a vegetable. So they offer the best of both worlds: fruit and vegetables. There are more of these ‘fruit vegetables’. Tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergines are also well-known examples of fruits that are categorised as vegetables for culinary purposes. And the melon: it's actually a vegetable but is eaten as a fruit.

Are you conscious of your diet and do you make sure you eat at least 250 grams of vegetables and two portions of fruit every day? Then you can include the avocado as part of your intake of vegetables.

Why is EAT ME avocado so healthy?

There is no ignoring the health benefits of this exotic little beauty. It's high content of unsaturated fats - the fats that are good for you - is unique. So what other benefits are hidden under that knobbly skin? An unusual vitamin such as B6, for example, and a mineral that you don't find in very many fruits –or should we say fruit vegetables – copper. Both are beneficial for your immune system.

How many calories does an avocado contain?

Anyone who pays attention to their diet also naturally counts the calories. An avocado contains 199 calories per 100 grams. This obviously applies if you picked an ‘average’ sized avocado from the shelf. It weighs approximately 200 grams. Have you used half an avocado, for example as a sandwich topping or in a salad? Half an avocado contains around 200 calories. And a quarter of an avocado contains around 100 calories.

Be inspired by the recipe page

Already a fan of this unique all-rounder in the kitchen? Then you already know just how versatile the avocado is. Need some extra recipes to try a few new and exciting flavours? Than simply take a look at the EAT ME recipe page. And if you see the EAT ME sticker on an avocado, it's your guarantee of instant enjoyment. And healthy enjoyment!

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