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2 October 2022, laatste update 4 October 2022

The tastiest tea flavours for cold autumn days

The wet and windy autumn weather is the ideal time for a mug of warming tea. Made fresh with fabulous ingredients. And prepared in an instant! How? Simply turn to our EAT ME taste makers. As well as ginger or fresh mint, we have a host of other products to help you create the tastiest flavoured teas. Combining supreme flavour with a healthy boost.

Lemograss tea

Lemongrass is a little bit like ginger when you use it in a tea. Infusing it enhances the lemony flavour and the scent is simply divine. So, if you want to branch out from ginger tea - why not try lemongrass?

Citroengras - citroengrasthee

Ginger tea

Did you know that ginger is a source of potassium? And that means it is good for your blood pressure. In combination with the vitamin C-rich lime, which is good for your concentration, this tea is ideal when you need to keep calm yet deliver a high performance.

Gember - Gemberthee met limoen en munt-1

Turmeric tea

Turmeric is usually associated with the spice, but fresh turmeric makes a fabulous tea. And turmeric offers many health benefits, so this tea is the perfect way to starting building some immunity for the winter ahead!

Kurkuma - Verse kurkuma thee

Galanga tea

Galanga is family of ginger and they both have a similar but subtly different flavour. Peppery and citrusy are both taste associations that spring to mind. In other words, fancy a spicy cuppa? Give this a whirl!

Galanga - Galanga thee


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