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3 October 2022, laatste update 4 October 2022

It's pumpkin time!

Nothing says autumn like pumpkin food. And with Halloween being celebrated on 31 October in many parts of the world, there's no way you can miss them! Pumpkin food are tops all season as an ornamental feature at home and on your plate. So it's high time to find out more about this number one autumn product, including the best pumpkin food recipes.

Range of colours and sizes

Pumpkins are available in many colours and variations. From dark green to yellow and bright orange, with beautiful mottled patterns or plain. The classic pumpkin you are most likely to see at Halloween is often the round, squat variety with its vibrant orange skin. The brilliant colours are perfect as decoration in and around the house, but be aware that are not all varieties are edible!

Preparing and eating pumpkins

It is difficult to see whether a pumpkin food is edible or not just by looking at it. There's no need for doubt with our EAT ME butternut squash with its delectable sweet taste. Get ready for a muscle workout, as preparing a pumpkin takes some effort.

Do you have another type of pumpkin food and want to know if it is edible? Follow these tips:

  • From the outside there is no difference. So cut open the pumpkin food and see if there's any flesh inside. No flesh? Then you can't eat it.
  • Cook a piece of the flesh. Cut a cube of flesh and boil it in hot water. Bitter taste? Then you can't eat this pumpkin food.

The most delicious pumpkin recipes

We know that sweet pumpkin flavour mainly thanks to the famous pumpkin soup. But pumpkin is so versatile that only using it in soup doesn't do it justice. What's more, this product is perfect for Halloween and not just as a decoration. So to inspire you, we have listed the best pumpkin recipes:

Halloween pumpkin muffins

Flespompoen - Halloween pompoenmuffins

Stuffed ravioli with butternut squash

Flespompoen - Gevulde ravioli met flespompoen

Stuffed butternut squash

Flespompoen - Gevulde flespompoen

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