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27 October 2021, laatste update 27 October 2021

The tastiest strawberry smoothie recipes

The sweetness of strawberries makes them a favourite treat, enjoyed pure and simple. But they are also a top favourite in many recipes, from cakes and desserts to healthy strawberry smoothies. Starting the day with a smoothie breakfast is the ideal way to boost your energy levels, but drinking a smoothie also makes the perfect snack.

Strawberry kiwano smoothie

A kiwano - or horned melon - is a mixture of a melon and cucumber and its taste complements the delicious sweet strawberries. Add some watermelon for extra freshness, blitz everything in the blender and start your day the healthy way!

Aardbei - Kiwano aardbei smoothie

Papaya, strawberry and banana smoothie

Do you prefer your strawberry smoothie with a thicker texture? Then choose this smoothie with papaya, strawberry and banana. This lovely sweet smoothie also contains semi-skimmed yoghurt to give you a fuller feeling. Ideal for breakfast, lunch or as a snack

Aardbei - Smoothie van papaja, aardbeien en banaan


As well as tasting great in smoothies, strawberries are a fantastic ingredient in other drinks, such as this lemonade. Or add to your water for a fruity flavour.


Strawberry thyme lemonade

A delicious sweet lemonade flavoured with the unexpected combination of strawberries and thyme. Surprise your friends with this summery drink!

Aardbei - Aardbeien-tijmlimonade

Fruit water with strawberries

Prefer a light drink with strawberries? Then try fruit water with strawberries and lime. Leave the strawberries and lime to infuse for a few hours for a wonderful taste of summer.

Aardbei - Fruitwater met aardbeien

More delicious strawberry recipes? Be inspired!

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