Picnic Summer Drinks
30 July 2021, laatste update 30 July 2021

Cooling recipes to keep you cool

With the summery temperatures, we are all looking for some refreshment. It's very convenient if your dishes can contribute to that. How about delicious cold wraps, tapas recipes, pasta salad or other cooling (lunch) dishes? We selected the best cooling recipes for some refreshment when you head out.

What to watch out for

It's important to think about what will make you feel cooler. Some fruits and vegetables can actually cool you down! Which ones, we hear you ask? Here is a list we made for you:

  • Water-rich vegetables and fruit, for example, kiwano, blueberries, strawberries and mango
  • You could add herbs with cooling properties, such as coriander and mint
  • Opt for lighter cooking methods, such as steaming and stir-frying

Cooling lunch recipe

We have suitable cooling recipes for every moment of the day. How about a summer salad with redcurrants and mango, for example? This recipe combines several ingredients that naturally contain a lot of water, so they contribute to that cooling feeling in and of themselves. Here are some other recipes:

Pasta salad with mango and ham

EAT ME - Pasta salad with mango and ham

Cooling recipes to accompany drinks

With the warm weather, you might not feel like preparing an entire hot meal. Instead, keep it simple with delicious cold tapas recipes. Needless to say, they are also perfect to serve with drinks! We selected some of our best cold tapas recipes for you:

Bruschetta with figs

EAT ME bruschetta with figs

Prawn skewer with physalis berries

EAT ME koude recepten - Prawn skewer with physalis berries

Serrano ham & Sharonfruit rolls

EAT ME Serrano ham & Sharonfruit rolls



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