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Easy recipes can also be delicious and healthy, too

EAT ME easy recipes

It may be the greatest misconception about cooking: if you want to eat well, you will have to slave away for several hours. Which is fine, if you love to cook. But there's really no need at all. There are plenty of recipes that won't take up too much of your precious time. And that doesn't mean ready meals or cooking from a packet. You can also cook easy recipes with healthy fruits and vegetables.

We are all very busy nowadays. And sometimes we simply don't have time to spend a lot of time slaving away over a hot stove. On the other hand, you don't want to eat ready meals from the shops all the time either. Or grab a packet mix of something.

Half an hour, no more

When you think of easy recipes, it doesn't have to be quick and boring. On the contrary. There are so many options: a stir-fry, a pasta dish, a salad. Honestly, all you need to put something on the table is half an hour.

Also easy recipes for one

If you are eating alone, you will often choose a simple recipe. Many of the recipes you will find here are perfect for a solo meal. And here's an extra time-saving tip: just prepare your recipe for two and freeze the other half. You'll be even quicker, next time you are in a rush. Many recipes are perfectly suitable for freezing.

Exotic fruits and vegetables

Fortunately, preparing easy recipes with a few ingredients doesn't take much effort. Even if you want to conjure up something tasty and healthy. Especially if you choose from the EAT ME range of exotic fruit and vegetables. For example, instead of a frozen pizza, you could opt for a quick pizza wrap with avocado.

And here's another dish that you can put on the table in a flash: a salad. Try something new, with a surprising combination of goat's cheese and blueberries, for example. Another almost instant recipe is couscous. You can give it a completely new twist if you combine it with kiwis.

Need inspiration for easy recipes?

Don't feel like spending a long time in the kitchen today, or simply don't have the time? But still want to eat something healthy and delicious? You will find many more examples on the EAT ME recipe pages.

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