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19 May 2021, laatste update 19 May 2021

Cooking, grilling, stir-frying, steaming ... anything is possible with green asparagus

EAT ME green asparagus

With their elongated shape, green colour and straight and meaty stem, there is no mistaking the green asparagus for anything else. You guessed it. You can also recognise the green asparagus by its robust flavour. Compared with the white variety, the green one tastes just a little more intense. Plus, this one takes less time to prepare in the kitchen. No peeling required. Preparing EAT ME green asparagus is very easy, by the way.

You don't have to be a qualified chef. All you need is a sharp kitchen knife, to remove the slightly tougher bottom. About one to two centimetres is sufficient.

Cooking green asparagus

The cooking time will depend on the thickness of the green asparagus you have bought. As a rule of thumb, three to five minutes should be enough for an asparagus that you want to serve al dente. Incidentally, boiling is just one of many ways to enjoy this delicious vegetable.

Grilling or stir-frying green asparagus

EAT ME green asparagus also work well under the grill, in the wok or in the steamer. Just brush them with some olive oil and grill the asparagus for around five minutes, until you see that typical grill mark appear on the green stems. The same time goes for stir-frying. Do not stir-fry them for too long, because green asparagus are best eaten crunchy. You could also steam them, again for five minutes or so.

Recipes with green asparagus

Green asparagus are a vegetable that you will also come across in unexpected culinary combinations. Smoked salmon and avocado mousse, for example, are excellent companions on the plate. Green asparagus works really well in a salad with other roasted vegetables. Even Flammkuchen loves them.

You can find more of these inspiring recipes on this page. And you will also find more information here about green asparagus.

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