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8 March 2023, laatste update 8 March 2023

Passion fruit: if you have a passion for healthy food

EAT ME passion fruit

If you have bought some EAT ME passion fruit, you can dig in straight away, if you like. But here's a tip: wait a little longer. If you wait until the first wrinkles appear on their dark purple skin, that is the sign that passion fruit will taste even more intense. But even immediately after purchasing, it is also a deliciously sweet exotic. What makes the fruit so tasty is not its firm skin – which is not edible – but its interior, the seeds. You will taste the sweet and sour or (if the skin is wrinkled) sweet.

Passion fruit is the fruit of the passion flower. Because EAT ME has growers in different continents (from South America and Africa to Asia), this fruit is available twelve months a year. This is excellent news for all those who look after their health. Passion fruits are not only delicious, they are also known for their healthy properties.

Passion fruit and vitamin C

The list of positive effects for your body is topped by the high vitamin C content. This is the vitamin that is beneficial for flexible muscles. Vitamin C is also important for gum health. It benefits the nervous system and it has a positive effect on the immune system. Tired quickly or lacking in energy? The vitamin C in EAT ME passion fruit helps reduce fatigue.

Minerals in passion fruit

And let's not forget the important minerals in this exotic fruit. Potassium is one of them: a mineral that is good for our blood pressure, muscle function and nervous system. Copper, another mineral in passion fruit, is also beneficial for the nervous system. You will also find magnesium and phosphorus in the fruit.

The fruit is very easy to handle. You can eat passion fruit 'the easy way' by cutting the fruit in half and then spooning out the jelly-like pulp.

Recipes with passion fruit

Spooning out is fine, but this exotic has many other talents in the kitchen. It may not be the first dessert that springs to mind, but passion fruit crème brulêe is truly an exclusive finale to your dinner. It also makes for a surprising ingredient in a cheesecake, if you fancy a different filling for a change. And a passion fruit and cod ceviche is definitely worth a try.

You can find these and other recipes on this page on the EAT ME website. You can also find other information about the passion fruit on this page.

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