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8 March 2023, laatste update 8 March 2023

Mangoes: not only ready to eat, but also a doddle to prepare

EAT ME mango

In its countries of origin, this fruit actually has religious significance. This tells us a lot about the status of the mango. In Western European cuisines, mango is primarily an exotic fruit that we would not want to be without. This fruit has so many uses! Especially if you know how best to prepare the ready-to-eat EAT ME mango: it's actually really easy.

Quite a few varieties of mango are grown worldwide. In the shops, you will usually come across three types, which vary in shape and colour: Kent, Keitt and Palmer.

You will taste small taste differences per variety. Not a lot, because the taste of the juicy flesh is rich and sweet, regardless of the variety.

How do you cut a mango?

Not sure how to prepare that delicious ready-to-eat EAT ME mango? It's honestly not difficult! Especially with this clever gadget: the EAT ME mango slicer. It is a super handy kitchen aid to destone and halve the mango in a single movement. Next, simply separate the flesh from the skin with a small knife.

The easiest way to do this is to cut lines into the flesh vertically and horizontally. Next, turn the halves inside out, and you can easily cut the mango cubes off the skin. Ready to use. If you don't have a mango slicer to hand, not to worry: you can also prepare the fruit with just a small knife.

From large to small

Depending on the variety, you will also find mangoes with different weights. Some mangoes weigh 200 grams, they are the size of a sturdy plum. And there are types that weigh – hold on to your hat – up to a kilo, the weight of a melon. Shop-bought mangoes usually weigh around 300 grams.

Lots of recipes with mango

A ready-to-eat EAT ME mango is a great all-rounder in the kitchen. Delicious to snack on, and always up for culinary experiments. Start your day with a mango smoothie, have it as a healthy snack for lunch, and use it in a smoked-salmon cocktail for dinner.

If you are keen to discover all the possibilities mangoes have to offer, you can read more about the product and the recipes and about our super clever mango slicer here.

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