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19 May 2021, laatste update 19 May 2021

The kiwi: the true vitamin C champion on the fruit shelf

EAT ME kiwi

Few exotic products are as well known as the kiwi. Its high vitamin C content has even earned the fruit the nickname of 'green gold'. Under its brown, hairy skin, you will also find fibre, minerals and antioxidants. What's more, the Chinese gooseberry – its official name – is not a threat to a slim figure either. In other words, it is high time we listed all the good qualities of the EAT ME kiwi.

Are kiwis healthy?

Although the orange is known as the vitamin C champion, the green kiwi beats it hands down. With such a large dose of vitamin C in the fruit, you can work on your resistance during physical exertion, for example. Vitamin C is also important for your gums, nervous system and blood vessels. With 100 grams of kiwi, you have already got 99% of the amount of vitamin C that is recommended daily.

Kiwis and vitamin K

You will also find a less common vitamin, K, in kiwis. It supports blood coagulation and aids the maintenance of strong bones. In addition, EAT ME kiwis are rich in folic acid and potassium and also provide an excellent source of dietary fibre. Some superfoodies even eat the fruit (hairy) skin and all!

How do you know when you have consumed 100 grams of kiwi? The weight varies per variety, but you can expect an average of 90 grams per fruit. Without the skin, you will be left with about 75 grams of flesh.

How do you eat kiwis?

If you have bought an EAT ME kiwi, the fruit is always ready to eat. People tend to eat the fruit with a spoon, so you don't have to peel it. And here's another advantage of a kiwi with an EAT ME sticker: whereas the core of the fruit can sometimes be hard with other brands, ours can just be eaten. You could also peel and slice the fruit, of course. If you don't fancy using a spoon one fine day, you'll find plenty of inspiration on our recipe pages. Or read more about the kiwi on the product page.

Storing kiwis? Fridge!

Not every exotic fruit is a fan of the fridge for storage. The kiwi is, however: ready-to-eat kiwis will happily last a few days longer. What do you think, got enough reasons to also become a fan of the vitamin C champion of the fruit bowl?

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