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EAT ME passion fruit

Passion fruit: if you have a passion for healthy food

If you have bought some EAT ME passion fruit, you can dig in straight away, if you like. But here's a tip: wait a...

EAT ME mango

Mangoes: not only ready to eat, but also a doddle to prepare

In its countries of origin, this fruit actually has religious significance. This tells us a lot about the status of the...

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EAT ME raspberry

Are you eating healthily? Why not try a treatment with ... raspberries!

They are no longer considered a summer fruit. But whether you eat them in July or January: raspberries still give you...

EAT ME green asparagus

Cooking, grilling, stir-frying, steaming ... anything is possible with green asparagus

With their elongated shape, green colour and straight and meaty stem, there is no mistaking the green asparagus for...

EAT ME avocado

Do your body a favour, with an avocado

You will come across them in a large variety of recipes, from breakfast and lunch to dinner. Real foodies never skip a...

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EAT ME kiwi

The kiwi: the true vitamin C champion on the fruit shelf

Few exotic products are as well known as the kiwi. Its high vitamin C content has even earned the fruit the nickname of...

EAT ME strawberries

Strawberries are healthier than you think!

Do you only snack on them because they are so delicious? Or because a bowl of shiny red strawberries makes you smile?...