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Cooling recipes to keep you cool

With the summery temperatures, we are all looking for some refreshment. It's very convenient if your dishes can...

Food to go

We all love a fun day out! With the family, with friends, with your partner, it's all possible again. Tasty and healthy...

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How to cut an avocado

There are several ways to get the flesh out off an avocado, but what is the best way to cut an avocado? This depends on...

How to cut a mango - EAT ME

How to cut a mango

EAT ME would like to inspire you to explore the limitless possibilities of the wide range of fruit and vegetables. With...

EAT ME BBQ recipe book

BBQ recipe book - EAT ME

Hey BBQ-fan,...

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EAT ME easy recipes

Easy recipes can also be delicious and healthy, too

It may be the greatest misconception about cooking: if you want to eat well, you will have to slave away for several...

EAT ME fruit

Recipes & tips for dishes low in carbohydrates

People who eat a diet low in carbohydrates eat consciously. Some people count the carbs to lose weight, others to stay...