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EAT ME mango

Mangoes: not only ready to eat, but also a doddle to prepare

In its countries of origin, this fruit actually has religious significance. This tells us a lot about the status of the...

EAT ME passion fruit

Passion fruit: if you have a passion for healthy food

If you have bought some EAT ME passion fruit, you can dig in straight away, if you like. But here's a tip: wait a...

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How to cut a mango - EAT ME

How to cut a mango

EAT ME would like to inspire you to explore the limitless possibilities of the wide range of fruit and vegetables. With...

Delicious Christmas desserts | EAT ME

Delicious Christmas desserts

Round off Christmas dinner with the most scrumptious desserts. Tasty and festive! There's so much to choose from for a...

Cranberrycake met witte chocolade

Cranberries are a real winter treat

Cranberries have become a firm winter favourite. This is partly due to their versatility, but mainly because they are a...

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It's pumpkin time!

Nothing says autumn like pumpkin food. And with Halloween being celebrated on 31 October in many parts of the world,...

The tastiest tea flavours for cold autumn days

The wet and windy autumn weather is the ideal time for a mug of warming tea. Made fresh with fabulous ingredients. And...

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